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Ethernet Upgrade tool for SiteMonitor Base II's and Standby Power Controllers (2.0.0)
Last Updated 6 years ago

In order to upgrade the firmware on a SiteMonitor Base II or Standby Power Controller, OR to upgrade an expansion module attached to a SiteMonitor Base II, you will need the tool listed below.   This tool is also used to factory default the above devices.

Note that this tool does not work on the original SiteMonitor Base Unit.  You will need to obtain the SiteMonitor Manager program to upgrade original base units.

PacketFlux Ethernet Device Upgrade Tool
Version 2.0.0 (August 2014)
Resolved Issues/Added Functionality:

  • The Installer Tool attempts to add appropriate firewall rules for those systems requiring them to permit the tool to function.
  • Multicast interface selection has been improved.   Not fixed, but improved.  This should make it easier to upgrade devices on computers with multiple interfaces.
  • Added support for upgrading expansion modules on a Base II was added, so that Base II users don't need a different tool for expansion module upgrades.
  • A problem with upgrades of multiple expansion modules of the same type has been fixed.
Upgrade Tool Files:
PacketFlux Ethernet Device Upgrade Tool 2.0.0. (Updated August 2014)

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