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Firmware for Standby Power Controller (05 Jun 2013)
Last Updated 2 years ago

Firmware Upgrade Tool:
The updated firmware for the Standby Power Controller is below, however, in order to do perform any upgrades, factory reset the units, or recover from an IP Address misconfiguration you will first need our Ethernet Upgrade Tool

Standby Power Controller Firmware

05 June 2013

Upgrading to this version will cause the unit to reset to factory defaults, losing all settings except for IP addresses. We recommend you print all of the configuration pages on any active controller before you upgrade, and then reconfigure afterwards.
As we have made so many changes to this firmware, and as far as we know there has been limited deployment of the previous shipping code, we will be treating this version as the initial firmware release. Because of this, we will not be providing a list of updates/changes to this firmware.

Firmware Files:
Firmware file for Standby Power Controller, Dated 5 June 2013

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