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Firmware for Sitemonitor 4 and 8 Port PoE Modules (13 Nov 2011)
Last Updated 5 years ago

This page contains firmware for the SiteMonitor PoE Expansion Modules.

There is currently no upgraded firmware available for any of the expansion modules, however, the following are current released firmware images for the shipping modules.

Install instructions for this firmware is at

Note: These files only apply to the 'new style' 4 and 8 port modules, with serial numbers above 32768. Earlier versions do not currently support the new firmware upgrade method, so files for those modules do not fit here.

Version 13Nov2011 - Original Release
Caveats/Bugs: None noted.

Firmware Images:
8 Port PoE Firmware Image - 13Nov2011
4 Port PoE Firmware Image - 13Nov2011

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