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Firmware upgrade instructions for SiteMonitor Expansion Modules
Last Updated 5 years ago

The procedure for upgrading a module is as follows:

  1. Obtain the Ethernet Upgrade tool from  NOTE:  This tool is for SiteMonitor Base II's and not the original base unit.   The equivalent tool for the original SiteMonitor base units is the sitemonitor manager tool available at   Install the tool on the computer.
  2. Obtain the correct firmware file for your module.
  3. Verify you are not running (beta) SiteMonitor base II firmware from 07-Dec-2014.  It has a bug where expansion modules cannot be upgraded.  If you are running this version, upgrade the Base II firmware first.
  4. Using the Expansion Tab on either the Web Interface (Base II) or SiteMonitor Manager (original Base Unit), verify the module you want to upgrade is attached and listed as 'available'.  If not, it might be the bug listed at  The module will need to be attached before upgrading.
  5. Start the Ethernet Upgrade Tool
  6. Enter the IP address and read/write community string for your base unit at the top of the page.
  7. Click on the Expansion Unit Firmware tab near the top of the page.   
  8. Click on Select File.  Select the expansion module firmware file for your device.   Once selected, the upgrade tool should show your module in the list on the screen.  If not, try clicking on refresh and/or check the IP address and community string you have configured.  If those are correct, double check that the module is detected and connected by looking at the expansion unit tab in the web interface on the base unit, and you have the correct firmware for that module. 
  9. Click on the listed module, then click on Start.  
  10. Wait for the firmware upgrade to complete. 
  11. Verify the firmware version as shown on the screen once the upgrade is correct.

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