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Firmware for SiteMonitor Base Unit (NOT BASE II) (13 Nov 2011)
Last Updated 3 years ago

This page contains the firmware image for the original sitemonitor base unit. It is not for the Base II units. Installation instructions are found in the documentation for the sitemonitor manager.

In all cases, you should install the latest sitemonitor manager before upgrading the base unit software.

Known Issues not fixed in current release:

Released versions:

Version 13-Nov-2011
Bugs Fixed/Features Added:
  • Fixed bug where expansion units with serials greater than 32767 were not correctly detected. This prevents the newest expansion units from being detected.
  • When rescanning, expansion units which did not respond during the rescan were not correctly removed from the active table.

Firmware files for this release:
SiteMonitor Base Unit (Original) Firmware, Version 13 Nov 2011

Version 05-Jan-2011
Bugs Fixed/Features Added:

  • Ethernet port lockup issues. This software monitors the Ethernet chipset onboard and properly reconfigures it in the event of an error.
  • Addition of Hardware watchdog timers. We have enabled the hardware watchdog timers in this version of the firmware. If the unit locks up hard, it will generally reset itself within a couple of minutes.
  • Addition of configurable software watchdogs, configurable on the Autocycle tab in the SiteMonitor software. These will reset the base unit if it doesn't receive either any packets at all, or any valid SNMP packets, after a certain period. For remote sites, we recommend setting these to a high value, say 7200 (2 hours), and then ensure that your network management tool pings the device at least that often.
  • Resolution of a longstanding enumeration bug which will possibly affect any SiteMonitor system with 2 or more expansion modules. The more units, the more likely this problem would appear. In short, when multiple modules respond at the same time, the base unit wasn't handling the situation correctly and as a result, there was a good chance the bus would not be fully enumerated (aka, all devices would not be located).
  • Resolution of issue where occasionally a device would end up showing that it had boolean, analog, or string I/O where it had none - often showing up as '66' of whatever was incorrect.
  • Support for removal of old expansion units and/or reordering expansion units without factory resetting the device. This requires update to both SiteMonitor Manager (1.2.1) and Base Unit Firmware (04JAN2010). To remove an old expansion unit, change the serial number for that unit to '0' on the expansion tab and then rescan the expansion bus or reboot the device on the Base Unit tab. To reorder expansion units, enter the serial numbers on the expansion tab in the order you wish them to appear starting with slot one and continuing down - and then either reboot or rescan.
Firmware Files:
SiteMonitor Base Unit Firmware Version 05-Jan-2011. WARNING: NOT CURRENT VERSION! See above for more recent release.

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