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SiteMonitor Manager for Original Base Units (1.3.0)
Last Updated 6 years ago

The following are the latest downloads for the SiteMonitor Manager product. Click on the title to start the download.

SiteMonitor Manager for Windows. Current Version: 1.3.0. This tool can be used to initially configure the SiteMonitor. In addition in performs rudimentary management, plus it contains the tools necessary to upgrade the firmware in the SiteMonitor system. Testing for this version is primarily completed using Windows 7. However, the installer and the program itself should run on any computer running any modern Windows operating system.

SiteMonitor Manager for Linux or Macintosh: We don't currently have a version of this tool for your operating system.  If you have a Macintosh and would like a copy of the SiteMonitor Manager for your platform, please contact us so we can gauge interest.

The most recent release made changes related to supporting the new Base II unit, including changing the default community string from 'public' to 'private', adding some warning notes on pages not applicable to the Base II unit, and correctly supporting expansion module upgrades on the Base II.   Please note that we no longer recommend the use of this tool with the Base II.

Previous releases added the following items:
  1. Addition of URL handling for sitemonitor:// URLs. Once the sitemonitor software is loaded and run the first time, Firefox and IE should be able to launch the sitemonitor manager from a URL formatted similar to: sitemonitor://community@ where is the ip address of the sitemonitor, and community is the community string needed to access the sitemonitor. We have noted that some versions of Firefox do need some additional help locating the sitemonitor executable the first time a sitemonitor url is clicked on.
  2. Support for removal of old expansion units and/or reordering expansion units without factory resetting the device. This requires update to both SiteMonitor Manager (1.2.1) and Base Unit Firmware (04JAN2010). To remove an old expansion unit, change the serial number for that unit to '0' on the expansion tab and then rescan the expansion bus or reboot the device on the Base Unit tab. To reorder expansion units, enter the serial numbers on the expansion tab in the order you wish them to appear starting with slot one and continuing down - and then either reboot or rescan.
  3. Version 1.1.0 of the SiteMonitor Manager added various features including the ability to right-click to copy the OID number for use in another application, to press F5 to refresh the screen, and additional changes needed for the newest modules in the sitemonitor family.

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